Virtual Reality (VR) has revolutionized the approach to many traditional processes in the business world. The adoption of this technology in the corporate sector has gained steam over the last decade as development costs have decreased making adoption easier and more widespread. The immersive experience of Virtual Reality has also allowed businesses to reduce training costs while improving the effectiveness of learning across a wide variety of industries. As a result, this technology has become a game-changer in how successful companies approach their training programs.  

The Immersive and Safe Experience

An immersive experience is one in which employees can interact with artificial 3-D environments using specially designed tools. These tools then allow users to move within these digitals environments, by fully enveloping them in a 360-degree experience. Employees are able to achieve a more effective and hands-on approach to learning. So whether in a warehouse, an auto assembly line or at a retail counter, employees can experience various scenarios in a controlled environment ensuring that the learning is both safe and effective.

Fast, Effective Learning

Virtual Reality training modules can also greatly increase the adoption of new skills in less time than traditional classroom training. A study by PwC found that those who learn using VR were 4 times faster to train than when they were in the classroom and 275% more confident using the skills they learned. Additionally, businesses can further improve their effectiveness by adding game-based elements. This combination increases motivation, memory recall, and helps employees build confidence in their decision-making process.

Reduces Training Costs

Traditional training programs are costly and often require individuals to travel to ensure large numbers can be trained simultaneously. With VR, training can happen anywhere and at any time reducing the need for facilities and/or travel costs. The number of instructors and facilitators needed is also reduced because many programs allow the employee to self-direct their experience. 

These key factors are why Virtual Reality is redefining the corporate training landscape. Companies who use VR have better-trained employees who are less likely to make mistakes and therefore save the company both time and money. In addition, a well structured VR training module will increase the effectiveness of your employees in the field ensuring an increase in customer conversion and retention.  

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