Loyal customers are the most profitable customers. They have a better return on marketing and offer better spending value than new customers. With that being said, this means that lost customers have more value than going out seeking new customers. In order to gain back a loyal customer a business has lost, here are three helpful tips to win them over.

  1. Take Responsibility

Regardless of what happened, it’s a business’ responsibility to provide the service and solutions for each individual customer. If a business has made a mistake, it’s important to own up to that mistake. Put pride aside and offer an apology and open admittance of said mistake. By doing so, a business has the opportunity to fix what was wrong; though keep in mind that a customer still may decide to leave. However, they will have nicer things to say about a business to their friends than if a business had never admitted the mistake and fixed the issue.

  1. Ask the Customer What Their Recommended Action Is

Allowing the customer to decide what would make him or her feel like the situation has been corrected is the fastest and easiest way to remedy a situation. Even if a customer has decided to leave prior to asking what their ideal solution would be, eagerly and happily solving a problem to their requests may mean the difference between a totally lost customer and a happy customer. By making the customer part of the solution, a business is taking the edge out of the complaints. Secondly, both business and customer will find the answer to the solution much faster than if everyone played by the books or played a guessing game. Businesses that excel in the customer service sector solicit these opinions, and if they are smart, implement them.

  1. Give Personalized Attention

Often what makes a customer leave in the first place is lack of personalized attention. A mistake was made that wasn’t to their liking and now no one is fixing it. The only way to fix a mistake, to regain a lost customer, and to make them happy is to provide undivided, personalized attention until the situation is remedied. Not only will this personalized attention solve the present issue, it may actually prevent similar issues in the future. Pay attention and listen closely.

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