Like any industry, the mystery shopping industry has made much advancement in the last twenty years. From video mystery shopping to new mystery shopping software, the mystery shopping industry and services have improved both technologically and strategically so businesses stay on the cutting edge of improving the customer experience.

Video Mystery Shopping

Reality Based Group’s founder invented video mystery shopping and the advent of video mystery shopping literally changed the mystery shopping game. Video mystery shopping allows businesses to actually see real footage of customers’ experience with their business. Video mystery shoppers wear hidden cameras, which, as one might imagine, have improved considerably regarding concealment and quality alongside video technology enhancements.

Video mystery shopping services allow businesses to step inside the doors of their business not just by reading a written submitted report, but also by actually seeing a real video mystery shopper’s visual perspective. Think about an elite athlete. Sure, a coach can tell them how to improve based upon watching their performance. However, what about when they can actually watch their real performance? The athlete can note many areas for personal improvement and the video can be used for training and coaching purposes as well. Video mystery shopping allows for just that in a business setting; individual employees can learn from video of themselves alongside the team and the business.

Learn more about GameFilm®, RBG’s video shopping solution, here:

Mystery Shopping Software

Advanced software now allows a business to access their mystery shopping data and reports from any mobile device. Technology at one’s fingertips gives businesses the freshest data so stale or inaccurate data is never an issue. Software capable of this type of accuracy also makes coordinating a mystery shop program with multiple locations across a city, state or country far less complicated.

The newest software in the mystery shopping industry allows for unprecedented customization of reports. A business’ report can be fully customizable with personalized displays so it may be used across an organization. These advancements make comparing locations a breeze as well.

Watch a short video about report customization here:

The Customer Experience Differentiator

The internet and other technology have made the world seem like a much smaller place these days. Likewise, they have forever changed the landscape for businesses. What might have previously been a hard to find specialty, can now have plenty of competition given the ease of the Internet.

Given the current landscape, businesses are left with one differentiator – the customer experience. This intense focus of the customer experience has seen the mystery shopping industry follow suit. A mystery shop report can do so much more than simply tell a business if an employee followed a protocol but a mystery shopping company can now identify actionable, revenue-driving behaviors and whether or not they are being developed and employed to their greatest potential.

The past twenty years have seen amazing advancement to the mystery shopping industry and its ability to help businesses. Through technology and a refined focus on the customer experience, mystery shopping services now have an amazing ability to deliver ROI and increase a business’ bottom line. Get a quote today for these innovative mystery shopping services.

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