Sometimes businesses believe mystery shopping is only for big businesses or franchises. Not true. Smaller businesses have just as much to gain from mystery shopping. There are a number of ways mystery shopping can be crucial for improving customer experience and business performance in just about any industry and any size of business.


How do you determine how well you’re delivering the customer experience to your customers? If you’re not using some sort of measurement, there’s no way you can know if you’re improving. Basically, how do you manage what you’re not measuring? You cannot. Even the most simplistic measurement can be achieved with mystery shopping, so you know whether or not you’re improving, declining, or staying the same.


How frequently can you be at your business? If you have more than one location, you know you can’t be in two places at the same time. Mystery shopping allows you to take a breather, but still keep track of things. If you own a restaurant for instance, do you want to be there for literally breakfast, lunch and dinner? Probably not. Mystery shopping is the solution that lets you keep tabs on things, so you can also retain a life outside of work.

Unbiased Third Party

If you’re a smaller or smaller business, chances are your number of employees is smaller as well. Case like these can mean it can be more difficult to correct and implement procedures for frontline employees. However, mystery shopping lets you utilize the expertise of a third party company like Reality Based Group. Further, a third party company allows you to have the evaluation of an unbiased outsider, so you can make the strategic business decisions you need to, based on the data collected by an impartial customer experience expert.

Customer Experience

Even if you’re a small business, you know competition is fiercer than ever these days. Mystery shopping is an outstanding customer experience solution that helps you measure and analyze how well you’re delivering the service you want to provide, and give you the information you need to greatly improve that customer experience. Larger or small, you can set yourself apart from the competition by utilizing mystery shopping in your small business.

Businesses from small to large see the results they need by partnering with us at RBG. We give you the tools to improve the customer experience you’re providing your customers. Gain valuable insight into your small business with mystery shopping, so you stay one step ahead of the competition and gain a powerful unbiased customer experience ally.

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