Perhaps no industry is more customer focused than the hotel and hospitality industry. At Reality Based Group, we’re all about evolving customer experience and our years of experience with hotel mystery shoppers can help ensure that you’re delighting your guests each and every stay. The customer experience is truly your last differentiator and we have some great tips on how to make your hotel guests have the best customer service possible with you.

Know Your Brand

First and foremost, you have to know your brand cold. What does the hotel customer service experience you want to deliver look like? What are your mission and values? Can you answer these questions easily? How about your employees? Support a commitment to your brand with frequent employee meetings so everyone is on the same page. Make sure your staff knows your brand just as well as you do.

Know Your Guests

Take you guests’ experience to the next level by getting to know their likes and dislikes. Additionally, you can provide hotel customer service training and then your employees can pass on this knowledge to each other, so you are constantly improving your guests’ experience. For example, if the bartender at your hotel bar discovers a guest loves a certain type of wine, they can let wait staff know so they may make quality wine suggestions for that guest.

Foresee Needs

Train staff to anticipate guests’ needs and notice small details that can make all the difference in their stay. If there’s a hotel gym, stock clean towels and water. If it’s a rainy day, offer umbrellas. Additionally, have check-in staff and concierge make customized recommendations on things to do in the area based on their interests.


Always have staff greet guests first. A friendly, welcoming greeting is absolutely crucial to setting your guests’ stay off on the right foot. Direct staff to use first names or preferred nicknames upon guests’ arrival, this lets guests receive a personal touch from the very beginning of their experience with your hotel.

Get Mobile

It’s all about personalization when it comes to good hospitality customer service; however, you also need to remember guests can be busy and often in a rush to catch planes, trains and automobiles. Offer mobile alternatives for check-in, check-out and room service.

It’s not always easy, but delivering outstanding customer service can set your hotel apart from the competition. It is truly the last differentiator and one within your control every day. Further, hotel mystery shopping can gain you even more powerful insights on how to measure and improve your guests’ experience with your hotel.

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