Increasing selling behavior in sales persons

A recent study revealed 70 percent of buying choices are based on how customers perceive the way they were treated. Successful businesses understand this, and take great lengths to ensure their sales staff is properly trained.

At its core, selling something is an agreement between two parties, regardless of the exchange taking place.

Increasing the selling behavior of your workforce can yield benefits no matter what industry you are in, whether you are selling a product, providing a service or simply promoting a message.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways your business can increase the selling behaviors of your team.

#1 Providing True Value

A fair exchange on the surface is calculated by the monetary value of what is being bought and sold. If your organization wants to take sales and service to the next level, this definition should be revisited.

Providing true value requires understanding that your customers have multiple options available to them. No matter how much of a niche your company has, it’s more than likely you are competing in an industry with several players.

Why should a particular customer buy from you? For some of the prospective clients, it may just come down to price. And you may be able to compete, albeit with tighter margins, which is why it is important to consider other factors.

True value extends beyond the product itself. Increasing selling behaviors requires the addition of value in terms of service. This service value should go above and beyond what your customer is expecting before, during and after the sales transaction. This is what differentiates great companies from ordinary ones.

#2 Building Relationships

Even if your business is involved in two-minute transactions, it’s important to understand that this quick exchange is a relationship.

Taking the time to recognize each transaction as a relationship will ensure that your clients feel appreciated. Customers that enjoy the experience of doing business with you will thank you with their loyalty and referrals.

As businesses continue to strive for continuity, the future of their success is dependent on valuing relationships.

#3 Developing Team Culture

Individuals are more likely to perform well when they belong to a unified team. Team culture is the driving force that makes everyone involved, internally and externally, feel valued.

Understanding the goal of the team is bigger than any individual, will drive each person to provide the best service and in turn increase sales.

Companies may be lead by a few individuals, but it’s the team as a whole that executes the plan. Build a strong team culture, one where everyone feels valued, works together and is encouraged to drive the organization forward.

Maintaining and Developing Positive Behaviors

Once your operation is designed to increase selling behaviors you will need the most efficient way to monitor it. Mystery shopping is an effective way to develop and nurture your company’s operations.

Our mystery shopping system will allow you to not only increase selling behaviors, but also monitor the overall experience from your customer’s point of view.

At Reality Based Group, we believe that mystery shopping can be the difference between business success or failure.

Find out more about how mystery shopping can change your business! 





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